Publishing plugin for Wordpress


A Wordpress plugin for scheduling of automated posts from many content sources.

Project overview

Date of completion:2011-09-13
Development time:2 months
Technology stack:PHP, Wordpress
Database schema:5 tables
Source lines of code:3,000


  • Creating automated posts from the following sources (modules):
    • Amazon
    • Article directory
    • Avantlink
    • Clickbank
    • Commission Junction
    • eBay
    • Eventful
    • Flickr
    • iTunes
    • Linkshare
    • Oodle
    • PLR (Text files uploaded to a particular directory)
    • Press Release (PRWeb)
    • RSS feeds
    • Shoppzilla
    • Twitter
    • Yahoo Answers
    • Yahoo News
    • Yelp
    • YouTube
  • Creating presets using one of the available modules with their own templates (defaults available) and a setting of time between posting
  • Options page allowing to adjust the following settings:
    • New post status
    • Post author
    • Number of retries in case of content source connection issues
    • License activation section
  • Modules page with API connection settings of each content source and the ability to modify default templates
  • Geo-targeting page that allows to serve localized affiliate links as well as replace certain words with user's city/town.