SEO link building service


Fully automated link building service

Project overview

Date of completion:2012-08-01
Development time:4 months
Development scope:From idea to deployment, full stack
Technology stack:Python, Django, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, AWS Services
Database schema:22 tables
Source lines of code:6,000

System administration

  • Automated two-way communication between the website and a link building software running on MS Windows
  • The ability to design flexible subscription plans based on link types and their quantities
  • Integration of subscription plan payments with ClickBank

Client interface

  • The ability to create simple campaigns (blasts) for a specific link types, with multiple URLs and keywords
  • The ability to create combined campaigns by grouping previously created simple campaigns
  • The ability to schedule simple and combined campaigns for specific dates or as recurring week
  • The ability to assign specific link numbers for scheduled entries
  • The ability to download generated link reports

Training videos